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Name: Misa

Age: (in this rp) 14

Story: Misa got worried about L when he got fired. She told Light that she really didn't love him as much as she thought. Then ran off to find L. When she got to his hotel he was gone and there was a letter that said To Whom it May Concern: I have decided to become a ninja. I have left to go to Kohan to join the ninja acadamy.
Before Misa knew it she was on a train heading for Kohan.

Real Info about Misa(I may use some of this info in my posts): Misa Amane (弥 海砂, Amane Misa?) is a famous model, singer and actress in Death Note. When she comes into possession of the Death Note, given to her by the Shinigami Rem, she becomes the second Kira to attract the attention of the first. Upon realizing that the first Kira is Light, she develops an immense crush on him. Misa is hyperactive and knowingly allows Light to easily manipulate her, claiming she doesn't mind as she loves him so much. She has a habit of referring to herself in the third person by calling herself "Misa-Misa". She is voiced by Aya Hirano in the Japanese anime and by Shannon Chan-Kent in the English dub. In the live-action film, she is played by Erika Toda; while Misa has blonde hair in the manga and anime, it is brown in the film.

Misa was born on December 25, 1984 (1987 in the anime).[1] Her experience with the Death Notes alters her intended time of death four times. Her life is first extended beyond her date of death when the Shinigami Jealous, who had fallen in love with her, kills her intended murderer, killing himself and adding his remaining lifespan to hers. Her life is then halved twice: first by trading for the Shinigami Eyes with Rem and then again with Ryuk after losing and regaining possession of the Death Note. Finally, her life is extended once more when Rem kills L to protect her, thereby adding her remaining lifespan to Misa's.

Misa decides to devote her life to Light because he punished the criminal that killed her parents when she was younger; a burglar killed Misa's parents in front of her eyes. Misa, unable to forgive the killer and wanting to kill the burglar herself, saw multiple delays in the killer's trial before Kira killed him.[7] Though she alternately has and loses possession of her Death Note, Light uses her to kill those criminals whose names he cannot learn, since the Shinigami Eyes allow her to learn names from seeing people's faces. She also proves useful in identifying other Death Note users.

While Misa does not play a part in the finale, having lost her memory of the Death Note by then, her fate in the manga is covered in How to Read 13. As the book explains, Misa falls into despair after learning of Light's death through Matsuda. Misa commits suicide one year later on February 14, 2011. It is also revealed that the cloaked woman who appears at the end of the manga is not Misa, but simply a follower of Kira. In the anime's finale, Misa's suicide is neither mentioned nor seen. Instead, she is seen standing at the edge of a rooftop, looking at the horizon with a sad face.

In the films, Misa is seen filming a dorama called "Misa-Misa's Happy Sweets", where she states that she is baking treats to make her enemies fat. After filming of that section ends, she expresses support for Kira on camera. A supervisor states that the section will be cut due to controversies. Her intended murder is shown to be Sakajo, the assistant director for "Happy Sweets". Instead of Rem delivering Jealous's Death Note, it just falls in front of Misa, who immediately picks it up and finds Rem after reading the notebook's rules. Misa does not commit suicide in either of the films, as her memory from the incident and the Death Note is erased. She still harbors her obsession for Light and bids him a happy birthday from her mini-shrine of him. She feels that a piece of her life is somehow missing.

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Accepted great profile.

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