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Post  Kitaro on Sat Jun 07, 2008 3:46 pm

Name: Kitaro Akimichi
Age: 13
Weakness: Byukugan
Strengths: heavy attacks
jutsu 1 lightning equip
rank D
creates a thin layer of lightning around the users weapons

jutsu 2. substitution
rank E
replaces the user with an object to dodge the attack

jutsu 3. haze jutsu
rank C
creates a thin haze that makes the opponent see outlines and shadows all around the user that is almost impossible to tell the correct one

Team mates: None at the moment

Birthday: april 24

Place of Birth: Konoha villiage

Story: Kitaro was born into the akimichi clan but commonly trained with the Uchia clan members. Kitaro's size changing abilities kept the Uchia clan from beating him up easily with there skillz and abilities themselves but once they discovered the weaknesses behind the akimichi ability. One day he stopped training with the Uchia clan members and moved in to self teaching and began to take an interest in genjutsu and lightning. Kitaro trained until one day a rougue ninja attack brought him into action before he was even in the academy. Kitaro ran out of his door and managed to kill a rogue ninja before being shot with a senbon in the eye permanatly blinding it. Kitaro has spent his life tracking this ninja so he could kill him for crippling him

Worst Enemys:all rouge ninja


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Post  Deidara on Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:51 am

Accepted but put a picture of ur person please

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